Choi Chul Ho and Oh Ji Ho “sweat it out” in K drama Queen of Housewives



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"It’s such a relief for me to have met you. You’re such a comfort to me."

Do not forgive this foolish wretch, who only realized the preciousness of a thing only once it was lost...

All you have to do is leave things as they are, and they’ll come back around to where they should be.


““There was a time when the love that I belittle now, once controlled me.”

The narration changes hands to Mu-yeon, as we flash back to her human past with Mu-young. What we see is that it wasn’t just one life, but a series of lifetimes that they shared.

She says that when they were lovers, they loved each other madly, but could not have happiness. And then because their destiny ran so deep, they shared another life as siblings.

“Though time had changed and our names had changed, I loved you.” And then another lifetime, as reaper and fairy—they meet again, and she loves him once more.

“I did not like life in heaven. We couldn’t have love.” She says that she found a way to go back down and live as people so that they could finally have love, but he turned her down. Oof, what a tragic life.”

I’m so fascinated by Mu-yeon’s backstory, because it’s a twist I didn’t expect. You just think siblings are going to be siblings, but being fated to share a connection over multiple lifetimes, and starting out as two thwarted lovers – well that sheds a whole new light on everything, doesn’t it? Even if she’s not conscious of the past, she ends up repeating the same exact fate over and over, in loving him and losing him somehow. And if wanting to leave heaven was because of love, I don’t know if I can blame her for that. If she’s not supposed to have love, then why can she feel it? Obviously her choices once down below have corrupted and twisted her into something else entirely, but it’s so interesting to know that the seed of it all was love.” (x)

"I have already broken my principle once. I so vowed that I would not embrace the likes of a Yuan woman in my heart. I broke it. No matter how hard I tried to resist, I couldn’t.. because she had already entered my heart, and I could not send her out."

King Gong Min to Queen No-gook

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